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Hello Neighbors,

I have heard comments about “Nextdoor” having mostly Morgan’s Point input, and have found out a way to limit the notifications to only include our neighborhood. Go to the Nextdoor website/ap, click on settings, and at the top you will see Nearby Neighborhoods. You then can click on the ones that you don’t want to see. If you click on all of them, you should then see only our neighborhood. I hope this will help. I have tried it, but have not checked to be sure it works. Here’s hoping!

Also, just a reminder that anytime you want to build a structure on your property, you must first obtain approval from the Architectural Committee. Your structure must meet the guidelines outlined in the Declaration of Restrictions for your specific section, and approval must be obtained prior to beginning construction. Metal buildings are not acceptable in any portion of the neighborhood. If there are questions, please ask.

We will soon have an updated website up and running. I will contact you when it is available, and we hope that everyone will enjoy it.

Kit Mraz
Cedar Oaks Homeowners Assoc., Inc.
1015 Frederick Lane
Temple,TX 76502

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