Event planning

In the event that Homeowners want the Cedar Oaks Estates Homeowner Association (HOA) to participate in an activity or event (such as National Night Out, etc.), the person(s) who are promoting or are interested in that activity may, at their option, obtain information, plan, and submit a plan for this activity.  The HOA plans and pays for a catered  BBQ/meeting annually, and we have never had even half of the members in attendance. The event is enjoyed by those who attend, and it is an expensive and labor-intensive undertaking that we would welcome all HOA members to attend.  The officers and Board of Directors of the HOA do not plan or organize any other activities, but any homeowner(s) may feel free to organize and plan other activities.  After the plans and specifics are organized, they may be submitted to the HOA, and the HOA will consider supporting and contributing to the effort.  I have a master email list and will be happy to invite the neighborhood to whichever event has been planned.  Homeowners who do not volunteer to be involved should not criticize the volunteers for failure to plan and organize an event. We welcome participation!  This is your HOA!

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