Minutes to Called Board Meeting

Cedar Oaks Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Minutes from Called Meeting to Rule on Requested Variance

July 10, 2019

The event was called to order by Anthony Copenhaver, President.

This meeting was called in answer to a request by Tiffany Pishner, who lives at 1206 Cedar Oaks Circle in Cedar Oaks Estates.  Mrs. Pishner requested a variance to the HOA provision in the Declaration of Restrictions, Cedar Oaks Estates, Phase II, which states “No professional, business or commercial activity to which the general public is invited shall be conducted on any lot.”

She wanted to operate a Registered Daycare, operating 6:30-5:30 Monday-Friday with three children 6 weeks-4 years of age.  She additionally promised no signs, no public announcements or advertising, and no play- scape or bounce house.

The Board of Directors and Officers met at the HOA office, and discussed this matter in-depth, considering opinions pro and con from nearby neighbors of the Pishners.  Even though this small daycare might have had no objectionable impact on the neighborhood, such as a promise not to have signs, advertising, etc., some neighbors objected to the possible increase in traffic and disruption of their quiet lifestyle in the neighborhood.  They stressed that they had bought their property with the understanding that the Restrictions would be enforced, and that anyone who buys property in the neighborhood knows the Restrictions prior to purchase.  These opinions were considered, as well as the possibility that approval of the variance could result in other, possibly more objectional business, and we did not want to “open the door” to this probability.

The vote was 7-1 against granting the variance.  We did appreciate Mrs. Pishner’s request and wished her the best.

In other business, the board is concerned about several properties’ overgrown weeds, one storage shed that is not in compliance with the Restrictions as to lack of approval, improper materials and location on property.  Letters of noncompliance will be sent requesting immediate compliance to the Restrictions. 

Additionally, the Air Conditioning/heat unit in the HOA office in inoperable and needs an expensive part.  The suggestions were to purchase either a window unit or a portable A/C that vents through the window.  Prices and products will be researched.

The meeting was adjourned after about an hour.


Anthony Copenhaver, President                      Kit Mraz, Secretary/Treasurer

Paul Cox, Vice President

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