Aerobic Septic Tanks

Since there are many new homeowners in The Woods at Cedar Oaks, many property owners may not know how to set and maintain their aerobic septic systems. Bell County ordinances require that you must have a contract with a septic service that will inspect your system several times annually. You must add chlorine to the tank and set the timer to spray excess water at around 2:00 AM. When the spray begins, gasses are emitted which are very foul smelling, which is the reason to have the timer set to go off when few people are outside. Your septic service will “walk you through” the maintenance required as well as how to set your timer. If you have questions, please refer to Bell County Health Dept., Google, or ask on this website or Nextdoor. Please be considerate to your neighbors who want to enjoy time outside.

This matter only applies to homes in the Woods at Cedar Oaks, Section 2 and a few homes in Section 1. Homes on Cedar Oaks Circle and the front portion of the Woods, Section 1 have conventional septic systems and field lines to expel the excess water into the soil. Homes that have aerobic systems do not have enough soil to have field lines, as they are built on mostly limestone. This spray, if conditioned properly with chlorine, is not unhealthy and is not an irrigation system.

Homeowners do not have the option of “watering their lawns with sewer water”, as some homeowners have misunderstood.

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