New homeowners:  As soon as you close on the sale of your new home in Cedar Oaks Estates or The Woods at Cedar Oaks, you should take your proof of ownership (closing papers) to the Temple Post Office at 402 North Main Street (254)773-0792 to arrange for a mailbox.  After you make application, their representative will come out and change the lock on your box and supply keys for you.  The mail carrier will not deliver your mail until you do this, so please do not accept the key from the previous owners of your home.

We have posted business cards for various businesses who have expressed an interest in doing work in the neighborhood, and if you need a job done, you can check the bulletin board at 1015 Frederick Lane which is the HOA office and mailbox area.

FYI:  The HOA office is never manned, but you can drop inquiries in the box on the outside of the office door.